• Trademark registration facilitation reform promoted in Jinan, Nanjing and Hangzhou
  • 2018-12-18 15:16
  •   From November 27 to 30, Trademark registration facilitation reform promotions went into Jinan of Shandong and Nanjing of Jiangsu. From December 3 to 4, this activity was also organized in Hangzhou of Zhejiang. It was the second time for Trademark Office of CNIPA to organize the activity since its first time promotion in Beijing in April.

      To carry out CPC central committee’s requirements on strengthening IP protection and State Council’s deployments on reform to simplify administration, delegate power and improve service, to further incentive market vitality, Trademark Office made strong efforts to promote trademark registration facilitation reform since July of 2016 and made great achievements which greatly shortened trademark examination time limit, quickly improved trademark information level, constantly simplified application procedures, and comprehensively enlarged application channels. On November 9, the average trademark registration examination time limit was shortened to 5 months plus 28 days, greatly facilitating applicants. On November 27, trademark online service system was launched entirely where applicants could directly file 24 trademark transactions including Madrid international registrations and receive whole 112 trademark documents including trademark e-register. There were five trademark examination cooperation centers established outside of Beijing, respectively in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jinan and Zhengzhou, and 154 trademark application windows and 73 trademark pledge recording acceptance points established in 30 provincial level areas to satisfy applicants multiple choices.

      To bring trademark registration facilitation reform bonus to more trademark applicants and help local AMR (IP) departments to better conduct trademark work, to further promote trademark and brand strategy implementation, to fully exercise brands’ instruction function and serve economic high quality development, Trademark Office and Trademark Review and Adjudication Board adjust backbone examiners to form promotion team and interpret trademark registration reform updates and related knowledge and face to face instruct market entities for trademark IP protection.

      In the promotion, about 1000 persons from enterprises, trademark agents and local AMR (IP) departments participated, and some of them were from large private enterprises such as Suning and HongDou. The promotion was fully and warmly responded by audiences who thought the promotion was elaborated organized and rich in contents, was a timely answer to public concerns and a real method to implement important speeches’ spirits on strengthening IP protection and for private economic development. Audiences also expressed that achievements in trademark facilitation reform were inspiring and interpretations on reform policies by promotion team were in details with key emphasis and solved many daily work difficulties and would like to join more similar promotions in future.

      This promotion paid great importance on each sessions. First was to set up live Q & A session and answered about 100 questions to solve real difficulties and got high appreciation. Second was to innovate promotion methods by online live broadcasting that more than 80 thousands watches for live show of Jinan promotion and about 10 thousand hits on Weibo show of Hangzhou promotion. Third was to print and distribute delegate handouts which popularized trademark knowledge, promoted reform achievements and obtained good effects.




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