• Studying New Rules, Performing New Duties, Being Faithful, Upright and Responsible

    --Trademark Office Organized Warning Education and Party Lecture

  • 2018-11-19 14:51
  • To implement deployments and requirements on party construction, honest and clean government building and anti-corruption action by CPC central committee, the State Council, SAMR and CNIPA, in the morning of October 29, Trademark Office organized all staffs meeting to organize warning education and give a party lecture. Cui Shoudong, Secretary of Trademark Office Party Committee and the deputy director general of the Office, gave whole staffs a warning lecture on the topic of studying new rules, performing new duties and being faithful, upright and responsible.

    At the first, Cui delivered the spirit of warning meeting organized in CNIPA, introduced a certain background for the warning action, reviewed trademark work and party building work in recent two years, and while highly affirmed achievements, pointed out situations faced and problems existed currently in trademark office for party construction and clean and honest government building. He combined his understandings on CPC rules on disciplinary actions, started with background of the rules’ revision, introduced new rules’ eight characteristics and added content. Cui stressed that the new rules explicitly stipulated political disciplines, organizational disciplines, integrity disciplines, mass disciplines, work disciplines and life disciplines, which should be strictly implemented by all party members. He indicated that all party members in Trademark Office should voluntarily be faithful, upright and responsible. To be faithful, it needs to insist in political principle, and to be sensible in politics. To be upright, it needs to strengthen self-restriction and to be clean and honest trademark staffs. To be responsible, it needs to accountable and action in advance and in reality. He stressed on the key occasion of strengthening trademark reform and promoting institutional reform, all party staffs need to insist in political principle, and ideological belief, to enhance four awareness, stay gold and stay true and in an absolute loyalty to show trademark staffs’ new atmosphere and action. He required to strengthen self restriction to enhance disciplinary and rule awareness, to actively implement new-revised Rules, and to make efforts in creating good working environment. He proposed to undertake trademark reform responsibilities, and strict party building responsibilities, and striving five working styles responsibilities, to make real efforts to promote trademark innovative development.

          All staffs unanimously expressed that through this lecture, they comprehensively understand the significance in revising the new Rules, and decided to study and implement the new Rules as one important political assignment, to strengthen integrity building, to exercise faithful, upright and responsible performances, and to make contributions for strengthening trademark reform and institutional reform.
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