• Utilizing Data Exchange to Facilitate Public Service

    --- Trademark electronic document delivery system issued 2.6 million documents

  • 2018-11-19 14:50

            Since the officially launching of trademark online service system on September 1, 67 trademark documents fulfilled delivery in electronic way. Currently, it delivered more than 2.6 million trademark documents in electronic way, with an average daily delivery of more than 60000 documents. Trademark registration has made new achievements in full electronic processing procedure.

    Full electronic processing procedure for trademark registration is one important step in trademark registration facilitation reform. Trademark Office closely focused on enterprises’ necessities and public concerns to constantly strengthen information building and practically improve online service standard, and to utilize data exchange to facilitate public service. Since 2017, new trademark online application system, retrieval system, trademark document electronic delivery system, electronic gazette system, Madrid international registration system were launched successively and trademark graphic intelligent retrieval system began the use, which showed the periodical achievements in trademark registration electronic processing procedure.

    To create a more excellent, efficient and convenient trademark online service system, trademark office comprehensively update its online application system to integrate online application, online reply, electronic document delivery and trademark registration certificate functions. Trademark electronic document delivery reminds users in mobile message and email to overcome the limitation of paper document delivery and solve the undeliverable problem caused by reasons such as changes in address, which not only improved document delivery rate, but also reduce the institutional defect in trademark application transaction cost. By October 26, trademark office received 932,00 online applications, accounting for 91.7% of total application at the corresponding period, issued 2.605 million documents in electronic way, accounting for 60% of total documents, covering 22 trademark transactions and 48 kinds of documents. It added 32,000 users accepting online service agreement, among them there were 15,300 agents, and 16,800 individuals. Trademark paper issuing pressure was released and postal cost was estimated to reduce 35%.

          For the next, trademark office would further optimize trademark online service function, gradually increase trademark document types, and realized all 112 trademark documents electronic delivery in near future.   
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