• No to Improper Trademark Applications
  • 2018-11-19 14:49
  • Recently, Trademark Office, on the basis of Article 4 of Trademark Law, successively made refusal determinations to about 16000 trademark applications, which was another action in a strict and quick way to strike improper trademark applications suspected to stock trademarks.

    Improper trademark application refers to utilizing China’s trademark system that trademark rights is obtained only after registration, and treating trademarks as profit-making method to apply a great number of trademarks, which greatly harmed healthy operation of China’s trademark system, and violated the purpose of legislation that protecting interests of consumers, manufactures and operators, and promoting socialistic market economy development, greatly stopped market entities’ normal business actions, harmed fair and competitive market order, and was bad to economic healthy development. 

    A certain enterprises such as a trade company in Guangzhou and a information technology company there applied a great number of trademarks but have no intention to use those marks, that caused public concerns. Trademark Office organized seminars on August 17 for regulated methods against bad faith registrations and stocking trademarks, and took joint studies with WIPO experts, and made consensus to strike bad faith registration and trademark stocking behaviors, therefore promoted trademark applications for the purpose of utilization to help domestic trademark and brand development.

         Currently, Trademark Office took strict monitors on all registration procedures, made strict reviews in examinations, oppositions and cancellations, in order to resolutely prohibit and strict improper applications such as bad faith registration and trademark stocking. For the next, it would strengthen communication with the Ministry of Justice to achieve consensus on applicable legal standards as to prohibit bad faith registration and trademark stocking to strengthen striking power. It would also enhance supervisions, promotions and instructions to representatives, publicity typical cases timely, instruct correct trademark registration awareness among public and foster sound business environment.
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