• Training on Legitimacy of Trademark Organized in Trademark Office
  • 2018-11-19 14:47
  • To strengthen examiners’ political sensitiveness on examination of legitimacy of trademarks, to practically improve trademark legitimacy examination ability, Trademark Office recently organized a centralized training on trademark legitimacy examination to about 1600 individuals including all staffs there and all staffs from every trademark examination cooperation centers.

    This training focused mainly on legal system and new requirements for examination on legitimacy of trademarks, and based on trademark legal provisions, normative documents and relevant cases, targeted on clause of prohibition that prohibit the use and registration as a trademark, and especially the conditions easily produced unhealthy influences.

    All divisions of trademark office conducted deep analysis and discussion on bad faith registration of CNIPA and other marks, to strengthen understandings on legitimacy examination clauses in Trademark Law, its Implementing Regulations, trademark examination and review standard, and raised opinions and suggestions on strengthen trademark legitimacy examination.

    Trademark Office set up special training group, assigned backbone staffs to conduct this training. Combining typical cases, unhealthy influence trademarks investigations, and prohibited terms database building, it made clear and detailed illustrations on prohibited terms, and clarified standards on control to unhealthy influence trademarks and examinations on trademark legitimacy. At the same time, to comprehensively understand work situations of every cooperation centers in legitimacy examination and examination quality control, the training group also organized special work meeting in each center to all levels’ responsible staffs and examiner delegates to collect work suggestions and answer questions.

    Participated staffs agreed that the training was organized on a proper time when the CPC party and the country paid great values on IP protection. They all expressed that only firmly establish IP protection awareness can deeply understand the significance on strengthening trademark legitimacy examination; only improve political awareness can practically improve political sensitiveness and responsibility, and can successfully promote trademark reform.

          For the next step, trademark office would take further steps to build prohibited terms database and study legitimacy examination and make prognosis on bad faith influence trademarks using information techniques in order to improve trademark examination quality and purify trademark application environment.
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