• More convenient in IP registration, much stronger in IP protection

    SAMR issued market environment analysis report for Q1-Q3

  • 2018-11-01 16:55
  •   Trademark and Patent applications increased greatly. For the first three quarters, trademark applications reached 5.507 million, increasing 39.8%. Trademark registration time limit was reduced within 7 months. Madrid applications reached 4395 also. By the end of September, there were 17.981 million trademark registrations still in force. This year, there were 67 geographical indication products approved for protection, and 223 enterprises approved for utilization of geographical indication product special label. By the end of September, there were 2380 geographical indication products (including 61 from abroad) approved, and 8179 enterprises for utilization of geographical indication product special label, in relating to about 100 million production value.

      Intellectual property protection was strengthened greatly. 21000 trademark illegal cases were investigated, increasing 5.9%, involving 310 billion in case value. Among them, 19800 cases were infringement cases, increasing 8.9%, involving 290 billion in case value. There were 35000 patent enforcement cases handled this year, increasing 32.7%. Among them, disputes cases were 19500, increasing 43.6%; and counterfeited patent cases were 15800, increasing 21.4%.

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