• Reducing Trademark Examination Time, Promoting Brand Economy Development
  • 2018-07-16 10:00
  •   Recently, Trademark Examination meeting was organized in Jinan of Shandong for the second time in 2018. Liu Junchen, SIPO Party Secretary and the vice commissioner was present at the meeting and delivered a speech. He indicated that SIPO would seriously follow the requirements on streamlining administration, delegating power and improving service, comprehensively promote the implementation of three years’ plan to greatly reduce trademark registration time, make efforts to promote modernization of trademark registration and administration system, practically optimize business environment, promote brand economy development, improve domestic brand competitiveness, and make contribution for accelerate the building of IP strong country.

      Liu expressed for the first half year, new achievement has been reached in deepening trademark registration facilitation reform, and examination efficiency and quality was improved steadily, trademark examination time was shortened to within 7 months, trademark information level was effectively improved, trademark registration electronic process for whole procedure made new breakthrough, each TECC comprehensively strengthened capacity building and gradually improved examination power. He indicated the good development trend should be kept for the second half year, to take the opportunity of institutional reform, make good use of trademark registration facilitation reform to reduce trademark examination time in great efforts. He proposed firstly to take the opportunity of reform to introduce more pressure, to clarify system and mechanism, to focus on optimizing business environment to trigger out market entities’ vitality and power, secondly to make use of techniques to strengthen modern information techniques’ implementation in examination for constantly improving examination informational level, and thirdly to take adequate arrangement to strengthen human staff’s arrangement and quality control, and through management to improve efficiency, effectiveness, quality and development.

      Liu stressed trademark administration departments of SIPO should carry out organizational coordination and responsibility, instruct application’s reasonable and high quality increase, plan overall deployment for trademark information building and construct an intelligent trademark examination system, revise and improve trademark examination standards, strengthen quality random check, improve trademark IP whole chain service, instruct enterprises to build independent brands, strengthen trademark protection and foster excellent and efficient service platform.

      Relevant staffs in charge of General Office of SIPO, its HR Department, Trademark Office, TECC and relevant staffs from some local trademark administration departments at the province level participated in the meeting and exchanged opinions on trademark examinations.

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