• Lhasa AIC seized 1117 boxes of

    suspected counterfeit ERKE and other brands sneakers

  • 2018-09-28 10:57
  •   Recently, in the process of Source Tracing special action cracking down trademark infringement, Tibet AIC, after receiving suspected trademark infringement clues from Quanzhou AIC of Fujian province, took speed action and conducted detail deployment to actively organize cross-regional and departmental joint enforcement. Lhasa AIC as the case investigator seized 1117 boxes of suspected trademark infringement sneakers on July 12.

      On July 10, Tibet AIC received case clue transferred from Quanzhou AIC, which reflected a batch of sneakers infringing ERKE trademark in a store located in Lhasa, that planned to be declared at the China-Nepal border, exported and marketed in Nepal, and the suspected goods were requested to be detained and investigated by AIC authorities.

      To completely eliminate trademark infringement from the source of origin, Tibet AIC took the led to actively conduct cross regional and departmental joint enforcement. Tibet AIC, Lhasa AIC, Quanzhou AIC, together with the trademark holder, the four parties, took active communication and coordination and formulated action plan. On July 12, Lhasa AIC organized its law enforcement officers for a onsite enforcement to the merchants suspected to infringe trademark rights.

      This action investigated and detained 1117 boxes of suspected trademark infringement sneakers, Among them, 101 boxes were counterfeit ERKE sneakers, 20 pairs in a box, 2020 pairs in total; 10 boxes were counterfeit NIKE sneakers, 20 pairs in a box, 200 pairs in total; 29 boxes were counterfeit adidas sneakers, 20 pairs in a box, 580 pairs in total; 900 boxes were without labels of name of manufacture, or date of production, or detail of correspondence, some of which were suspected infringement or counterfeit of NIKE, New Balance trademarks.

      Currently, AIC authorities has detained suspected infringement and counterfeit trademark products according to legal procedure, and investigated the case in further. Tibet AIC would implement and carry out the requirement of State Administration for Market Regulation on Source Tracing Special Action to Cracking Down Trademark Infringement, strengthen the tracing power, and conduct whole chain strikes in procedures of manufacture, marketing of suspected infringement goods, and manufacture of registered trademark labels, etc.

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