• Madrid System’s Historical Progress in China

    --- Online Application System for Madrid International Registrations was Available

  • 2018-07-11 15:03
  •   On June 21, online application system for Madrid International Registrations was available, marking its historical progress in China and meaning significant to improve the overall processing level of Madrid system. The online application system was developed by Trademark Office independently, which not only facilitated applicants to file international applications, but also relieved applicants’ burdens and improved enterprise’s trademarks internationalization protection efficiency. By June 28, 144 Madrid international applications were filed through online system.

      In recent years, to meet domestic enterprises’ necessities for going internationally and overseas trademark arrangements, Trademark Office treated Madrid international registrations as one important methods for trademark issues to make efforts to improve domestic enterprises’ trademark awareness. In 2017, domestic applicants filed 4810 international applications, increasing 59.6% compared with previous year. China became the quickest and most potential country in Madrid Union with the third top annual applications in the Union.

      To clear the whole electronic channel for Madrid international trademark registrations, Trademark Office, in the system R&D procedure, insisted in applicants oriented designing idea, made efforts to improve friendly experience, and opened green channel for international registrations. Compared with native English speaking countries, China’s online system faced many complicated situations such as transformation between Chinese and English, connection between intranet and internet. To ensure the seamless connection between online application system and International Bureau’s electronic system, Trademark Office organized many communications and coordination with WIPO. After deep discussions and repeated tests, it solved difficulties in electronic communication, electronic document delivery and data safety, under the preconditions to fit current Trademark Law and Implementation Regulations, Trademark Office successfully realized electronic processing for international applications for whole procedures, which covered online filings, electronic document delivery, online remedies, online payment and realized electronic communication with WIPO.

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