• Rewarding Excellent Models, Giving Party Lectures,

    and Promoting Reform and Development

  • 2018-07-11 15:00
  •   In the afternoon of June 28, Trademark Office organized a rewarding meeting, and gave special Party lectures. About 200 individuals from Trademark Office participated in the meeting.

      During the meeting, Decisions on Rewarding Trademark Office Excellent Models, Excellent Party Members, Excellent Individuals engaged in Party Affairs, and Excellent Party Branch. 6 Excellent Models, 25 Excellent Party Members, 5 Excellent Individuals engaged in Party Affairs, and 3 Excellent Party Branches were honored. Wang Yan, on behalf of Trademark Office Excellent Models, Excellent Party Members, and Peng Wen, on behalf of Excellent Individuals engaged in Party Affairs, Sun Bingwang, on behalf of Excellent Party Branch respectively made speeches, who depicted each Party Branch’s fighting fort function uniting and instructing Party Members to play pioneer exemplary roles in trademark reforms, and devoted in their work.

      Later, Yu Liufen, Party Secretary of Yanbo Village, Yuni Town, Panzhou City of Guizhou gave a Party Lecture. Yu was a delegate of CPC Party Committee’s 17th, 18th, and 19th National Congress, was honored National Women Pacesetter, National Number 1 Scholar of Female Farmers. She, on the topic of “Devoting Myself for Yanbo”, used plain language but vivid examples to depict herself during 10 years’ service as Party Secretary to exercise Party’s purpose, to constantly enhance Party Organization’s cohesive and combating power, to practically display Party member’s excellent modelling function, to instruct whole villagers to alleviate poverty and to become rich. Her contribution changed debt embarrassed village for which annual income per capita less than 800 yuan to be reputed advanced, civilized modelling village for which annual income per capita reached 18600 yuan, and collective economic asset reached 76 million. Her extraordinary entrepreneurial experience was a vivid Party lecture, a development lecture and a poverty alleviation lecture for all Trademark Office individuals.

      Cui Shoudong, Party Secretary of Trademark Office Party Committee also gave a Party lecture on the topic of establishing a correct comparison view. He stressed with the deepening of institutional reform and trademark reform, the function of Trademark Office and the post of internal divisions need to be adjusted, which affected everyone’s interest. All Trademark Office Party members, especially Party leaders should establish correct comparison view, which requires to learn from excellent models such as Yu Liufen externally and from Trademark Office’s models internally, to compare contributions, mentalities, and reforms. He proposed to cherish contribution and personal spirit, individual interests to obey overall interests, to exhibit good state to adjust to, support and devote to reform, to carry out the deployment of institutional reform and trademark reform of the CPC Central Committee, State Council, State Administration of Market Regulation and State Intellectual Property Office in active work, and to promote trademark reform and development at a higher level.

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