• Putting Pressure Voluntarily for Equal Protection

    Trademark Office Shortened Examination Time on Madrid International Registrations

  • 2018-07-11 14:54
  •   To practically improve the quality and efficiency of substantive examinations on Madrid International Registrations, Trademark Office put pressure voluntarily, greatly shortened regulated time limit in international regulations. Currently the examination reduced regulated 12 months time limit to 7 months, 18 months to 10 months. It is estimated that the examination could reduce regulated 12 months time limit to 6 months by the end of July, and regulated 18 months time limit to 6 months by the end of November.

      Recently, international applications designated by foreign applicants increased greatly. In 2016, there were 21,200 applications, but 26,100 in 2017, increasing 23%, ranking the first for consecutively 13 years in the Madrid Union. While strengthening trademark registration facilitation reform, Trademark Office highly cherish the equal protection on foreign applicants’ rights. It when greatly reducing national registration’s examination time, accelerated the promotion of international registration’s facilitation reform.

      Since the operation of TECC Shanghai on September 29, 2017, Trademark Office treated the operational building there as one major work, started by recruitment, training and management to enrich examination power, improve examination quality and efficiency. International Registration Division I of Trademark Office actively undertook operational instruction and training and during the transitional period of institutional reform, united thinking minds, practically continued previous work enthusiasm. It paid great attentions on study and research, on work instruction improvement, and conducted special research on three dimensional mark examination, class heading classification, examination verification and approval to improve quality. The calculated error rate reduced from 8.4% in January to 2% in May. None of strict examination error happened. It clearly remembered the requirements on examination time limit, targeted at improve examination efficiency, finished examination 36805 classes from January to May, and verified and approved 33823 classes.

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