• Gansu Achieved New Progress in Trademark and Brand Building
  • 2018-06-07 14:58
  •   In 2017, Gansu AIC took the opportunity of reform, innovation and improvement year, focused on major work, served general situation, actively referred others’ innovations, deeply implemented trademark brand strategy and achieved positive progress in all work.

      Strengthening work plan to successfully promote trademark brand strategy. It released Opinions to Deepen the Implementation of Trademark Brand Strategy, strengthened political support, built perfect trademark brand strategy development framework. It organized Gansu trademark brand strategy promoting video conference to clarify development target and direction. It printed Trademark Work Points in 2017 to decompose assignments and clarify work targets and examination indicators. It convened regional trademark work meeting, grasped local progress and promoted deepening of trademark brand building. It enhanced promotions and trainings, made use of media platforms to widely promote trademarks, organized trainings to deploy local staffs for real onsite study to improve work.

      Cherishing real practice and hard work to strongly promote trademark and brand building. It strengthening administrative instruction to accelerate the fostering of “LONG” brand for herbs, and quicken the brand building for Lanzhou Beef Noodle. It enhanced trademark brand instruction station building to solid foundations for trademark and brand building. It actively promoted facilitation reforms and started Lanzhou, Tianshui and Jiuquan trademark application acceptance points. It finished the construction of Gansu Trademark Resource Center. In 2017 the annual total application were 24920, increasing 38.8%, increasing 12835 effective registrations were increased, 69.3% growth compared with previous year, which made accumulative effective registrations to 53499, increasing 29.1%, all historical record.

      Enhancing administrative enforcement to improve trademark rights protection. It released Instructive Opinions on Strengthening Supervision to Trademark Printing Businesses and Notice to Conduct Special Action to Trademark Rights Protection, for strengthening administration in source of origin. It investigated cases infringing trademarks of “YI DE GE”, “LAO FENG XIANG” and “SAN HUAN and figure”, reported case clues for source clarification of “Mogao Grottos”, “Lanzhou Beef Noodle” and “Jingning Apple”. It printed Notice on Cracking Down IP Infringement and Manufacturing Marketing IP Infringements and Counterfeited Trademarks, to strictly fight against trademark infringement behaviors. It strengthening coordination with relative departments to conduct joint law enforcement and strengthen connection between administrative enforcement and judicial procedure, and perfected trademark development and protection seasonal report system. By end of 2017, 641 cases in relating to infringements and counterfeits were filed and investigated involving 8.5453 million yuan.

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