• Trademark Office organized second term “Pioneer” speech competition
  • 2018-06-07 14:56
  •   On May 22, Trademark Office of SIPO organized its second term “Pioneer” speech competition in Trademark Building. 13 contestants focusing on the topic of “Remembering the beginning heart, and bravely making new contribution” told their understandings on responsibilities. After a fierce competition, Fan Yali, from examination management division won the first prize.

      This speech competition was the second term. Its first term was in the topic of United together for development and trademark dream.

      The final round was participated by 13 contestants from examination management division, opposition formalities examination division, achieves management division, international registration division, computer system management division, trademark supervision division and general affairs division of Trademark Office. Some were calm, experienced division managers working in the Office for about 2 decades, some were newly worked youth full of passions and vitalities, and some others were individuals selected to serve temporary post by regional AICs. In spite of differences in posts, duties and aspects, their speeches expressed same topic of remembering original heart and making contributions for reform.

      The excellent speeches moved every audience and judge. Judges from previous SAIC CYL committee, SIPO Party committee and CYL committee, TRAB, TECC and CICN agreed that this competition was strictly organized, prominent in topic and rich in content, which comprehensively exhibited elegant appearances and spirits of Trademark Office staffs, and showed their loyalty to the Party, love to the work and confidence to the future.Staffs from Trademark Office were deeply moved and encouraged by the competition and expressed to work harder, strictly build IP protection awareness, take responsibilities and voluntarily innovate and contribute for trademark comprehensive reform, for the transformation from Chinese products to Chinese brands.

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