• Strengthening Brand Protection, Promoting Rural Revitalization

    Hunan organized special action to protect Anhua Black Tea brand

  • 2018-06-07 14:52
  •   Recently, with the constant improvement of the reputation for Anhua Black Tea, counterfeiting problem became increasingly prominent which seriously harmed the legitimate interest of Anhua Black Tea brand and the consumers. To strengthen protection to the brand, promote regional economic high-quality development, Hunan AIC decided to conduct six months special action in the province to protect Anhua Black Tea brand.

      Anhua Black Tea is a Geographical Indication trademark with Hunan local characters and high reputations, which is one leading business for Hunan tea manufactures, and pillar industry for Anhua, the least developed region. The strengthening on Anhua Black Tea brand protection means significant for implementing rural revitalization strategy, fighting well against poverty and promoting Hunan tea industrial development.

      The special action focused on major black tea production area, distributing center, and tea market, targeted on black tea business enterprises, supermarkets, shopping centers, stores, and tea package printing businesses, took tea wholesales and online commerce as major issues, to strengthen both online and offline supervision and investigated six kinds of infringements. First was to infringe “Anhua Black Tea” Geographical Indication trademark and the enterprises trademarks. Second was to counterfeit the Geographical Indication and the enterprises trademarks, or to market the counterfeited trademark labels. Third was to illegal use of identical or similar labels to the name, package or decoration of Anhua tea enterprises, or illegal use of Anhua tea enterprises’ business name having certain influence to mislead others as to be Anhua Black Tea or have a certain connection. Fourth was to forge Anhua Black Tea manufacture place, business name or address. Six was to forge or communicate false or mislead information to harm Anhua Black Tea business and commodity reputation. Six was to market infringed or counterfeited Anhua Black Tea using internet.

      The action required Hunan AICs and MRAs to strengthen responsibilities, take solid methods for implementation and make full use of the overall obligations of market regulatory authorities, treat the investigation of cases as major evidence for the action, strengthen promotion, expose model cases, enhance public trademark legal awareness and create sound environment.

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