• Harbin Trademark Application Window Accepted 2151 Trademark Applications Since Its 1 Year’s Operation
  • 2017-11-16
  •   Harbin Trademark Application Window of Trademark Office SAIC, since its 1 year’s operation, acted a clear function in serving the public. It targeted at the most concerned, direct and real interest, to optimize business environment and to provide the most convenience for enterprises. The window handled 3540 trademark consultations, accepted 2151 applications. 203 trademark applications were accepted in October. It really realized the target to utilizing data exchange to facilitate market entities.

      In 2016, Trademark Office authorized 13 provinces to accept trademark applications. Harbin was the only authorized window in Northeast China’s three provinces. Harbin window was established on November 1, 2016 and provided one-stop service with business registration. Enterprises therefore had a convenient channel to apply trademarks and shortened registration time.

      Since the establishment, the window attracted many concerns from trademark applicants and enterprises. More and more market entities made telephone consultations, on site consultations or came to the window directly. Registered trademark number all increased month by month. The window hosted 3540 consultations and handled 2151 applications according to statistics. There were three characters for already accepted trademark applications. First was that the applications were mainly for agricultural products. 731 relevant marks were applied, accounting for 34% of the total number, which meant that agriculture relevant enterprises in Harbin engaged in Wuchang Rice, Under-forestry economy had a good development and accumulated strong power for increase farmers’ income. Second was that secondary and tertiary industries applied the most. 1355 applications were applied, accounting for 61.3%, which meant the industrial structure in Harbin was under transformation, and update, and those related to agriculture, high-tech, and tourism had a great development. Third was that the more and more non-local applicants applied at the windows. 554 applications applied by non-local applicants, accounting for 25.7%, meant that Harbin window as the first trademark accepting window in Northeast China acted bravely to take prior opportunity, established scientifically and reasonably, operated orderly, served warmly and considerately, and functioned greatly, which provided the quick reform bonus to the public.

        This year there were 13000 applications applied and 7822 registered successfully. The registration increased 22.1% compared with the previous year, and 5873 more than the whole year’s registration in 2014. Currently 82000 registrations were still in force for the city, accounting for 53% of the number from the province. Averagely, 8 market entities had one registered mark. Wuchang Rice ranked the second for its brand value in 2016 China brand value appraisal information news conference. 

      In the following, Harbin Market Supervision department would enhance the promotion on trademark and brand strategy, instructing market entities to strengthen trademark right utilization, supporting enterprises’ strong development and promoting the city’s economic comprehensive rejuvenation and development.

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