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Organizational Chart

Our organizational set-up


General Office

-        Take charge of SAIC’s documentation, telecommunication, statistics, information, confidentiality, security, accounting and finance, asset management, transparency issues, news release, etc;

-        Handle public complaints on behalf of SAIC.


Department of Law

-        Draft relevant laws and regulations;

-        Supervise administrative enforcement of SAIC and AICs nationwide, organize hearings thereof, and conduct or participate in relevant administrative reviews/response to administrative proceedings and administrative compensation;

-        Organizes legal education and training.


Antimonopoly and Anti-unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau

-        Formulate specific antimonopoly and anti-unfair competition measures;

-        Carry out antimonopoly enforcement;

-        Initiate investigations into unfair competition practices, commercial bribery, smuggling, and other cases violating economic laws, and supervise the handling of serious and/or material cases.


Direct Selling Regulation Bureau

-        Draft detailed measures and practice directions for regulating direct selling and preventing pyramid selling;

-        Supervise direct selling enterprises, direct sellers and their activities;

-        Investigate and punish serious and/or material direct selling and pyramid selling cases;

-        Coordinate joint actions against pyramid selling.


Consumer Protection Bureau

-        Draft detailed measures and practice directions in respect of consumer protection;

-        Oversee the quality of goods in market circulation;

-        Protect consumers’ rights in the service sector;

-        Investigate and punish irregularities such as counterfeiting, faking and inferior quality;

-        Guide the acceptance and handling of consumer inquiries, appeals and complaints, and instruct the development of related networks thereof.


Department of Market Regulation

-        Draft and implement measures regarding regulation of market order;

-        Regulate online transactions in goods and services;

-        Conduct administrative supervision over contract execution, investigate and punish illegal acts such as contractual fraud;

-        Take charge of chattel mortgages registration, regulate brokers and auctions;

-        Organize and instruct credit rating of commodity transaction markets;

-        Initiate special campaigns to deal with outstanding marketplace problems.


Regulation Department for Market Circulation of Food

-        Draft detailed measures and practice directions for regulating safety of food in market circulation;

-        Implement safety surveillance, quality monitoring and related market entry rules for food in market circulation;

-        Respond to significant emergencies of food safety in marketplaces, and investigate into severe food safety cases and mete out appropriate punishments thereof.


Enterprise Registration Bureau

-        Draft measures and practice directions regarding enterprise registration;

-        Coordinate and guide enterprise registration nationwide;

-        Take charge of registration of certain enterprises and supervises the registrants’ registration practices;

-        Organize and guide credit rating of businesses;

-        Establish and maintain the national database of enterprise registration information, and analyze and publish registration information of domestic enterprises.


Bureau for Registration of Foreign-Invested Enterprises

-        Draft measures regarding the registration of foreign-invested enterprises;

-        Take charge of registration of foreign-invested enterprises and resident representative offices of foreign companies, supervise the registrants’ registration practices;

-        Analyze and publish registration information of foreign-invested enterprises.


Department of Advertising Regulation

-        Draft and put into effect development plans and policies of the advertising industry;

-        Draft detailed measures regarding regulation of the advertising industry;

-        Coordinate and guide the regulation of advertising activities;

-        Organize actions monitoring the ad publication of various media;

-        Handle illegal practices such as fraudulent advertising;

-        Provide guidance to advertising review agencies and professional advertising bodies.


Department for Regulation of the Private Economy

-        Study development and regulation of the private economy (including self-employed entrepreneurs and private enterprises), formulate regulations and measures concerning such regulation;

-        Provide guidance to the registration and supervision of self-employed entrepreneurs, private enterprises and agricultural cooperatives;

-        Guide credit rating of self-employed entrepreneurs;

-        Investigate and ban businesses that operate without any license;

-        Provide guidance to associations of self-employed entrepreneurs and associations of private enterprises.


Department of Personnel

-        Take charge of personnel management, organizational setup and human resources development of SAIC and its affiliated institutions;

-        Undertake the operational affairs of dual management on the leading bodies of AICs at provincial level in cooperation with local governments;

-        Instruct human resources development of AICs nationwide.


Department of International Cooperation (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs)

-        Carry out international cooperation and exchanges regarding administration of industry and commerce;

-        Take charge of the affairs relating to the cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan;

-        Undertake the management and coordination of international affairs of SAIC and its affiliated institutions.


Trademark Office

-        Take charge of trademark registration and administration;

-        Carry out, in accordance with law, the protection of the exclusive right of trademarks, investigation on trademark infringements, handling of trademark disputes, and the recognition and protection of well-known trademarks;

-        Undertake the registration, filing and protection of special marks and official marks;

-        Conduct study and analysis on information of trademark registration, and publish the information according to law to provide information service for the public and government’s policy-making;

-        Implement the trademark strategy.


Trademark Appeal Board

-        Handle trademark disputes;

Recognize, in accordance with law, well-known trademarks.


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